The Importance of Basketball…In My Life

A couple of months ago, there was a competition in which registered SBA players could participate. The assignment was to write an essay about, “The Importance of Basketball…In My Life” and “How Education Leads to Success”. The winning essays have just been announced.

It is with pleasure the SBA announces the winner of the KD basketball shoes (first prize) and also the four runners-up. These boys received their awards at the SBA Office.

KD Shoes Winner
– Shane Morgan (from Team Hope – U11 Boys)

Foot Locker Runners-up
– Jerry Xu (from Team Hunte – U12 Boys)
– Provindra Bridgemongal (from Team Jones – U14 Boys)
– Matthew Mendoza (from Team Jones – U14 Boys)
– Stefan Leoussis (from Team Lucas – U14 Boys)

This competition is the result of a SBA coach going the extra “mile” for the Club and providing the opportunity for SBA players to enrich their lives. On behalf of the SBA, thank you very much Jewell (coach of Team Willock…U11 Boys). The SBA Directors are very grateful that this Club has many Coach Jewells in it.


The winning essays:

The Importance of Basketball…In my Life
By: Shane Morgan
March 11, 2015

Basketball has always been one of my favorite sports, both for fun and for a good challenge. When I play with my friends, at school or on the street in the summer it helps me stay active, make friends and practice my skills that I need for on court drive when I’m playing rep with my team. Basketball has helped me to make friends, build confidence and skills that will help me reach goals. I look at basketball as a challenge to me, to push me harder, faster and stronger. All the things that I need as I grow up. My mom and dad always tell me that life has many challenges and is similar to a game, you may win and you may lose, but you will always win within yourself if you try harder every time you put your mind to something. So when I pick-up the ball, I know that with every bounce, with every stride, with every shot, I try harder. My coaches have helped me to listen, take direction, understand rules and working as a team. These are the other lessons I will need in life. Confidence in pushing myself to the next level or confidence to get out there no matter your audience and push yourself to your dreams. We all have a dream of getting to the NBA someday, well that is my dream at least, so I can take care of my mom, Grammy and dad (maybe not my brother – ok maybe) but I know that is a farfetched dream, so I have to make sure that I always follow my dreams but make sure that I have another plan of attack in life, similar to a game of ball to be successful. Basketball means just that, it’s not always how many shot you get, how well you did, it’s about other things you learn from playing the game and the friendships and lessons learned. Basketball for me means I practice, I push, I try and I try harder after that. Ball is fun and all, but you have to look at it as not just a game but ads a way of helping young kids to build foundations in life. As I said before, some of us play for fun, some of us play to win, some of us play for life. That’s what Basketball means to me. It’s a way of life. A way of winning and life and in-between winning for yourself. Just like when I make the basket and everyone cheers me on and when the pressure is on, people are still cheering away… especially my family who will be there to cheer for me in goods and bads of life. Similar to a game. So though I put my all into every game, there is something always behind it… all the reasons that make basketball’s play an importance in setting me up for life.

How Education Leads to Success
By: Shane Morgan
March 25, 2015

Though school is getting tougher now that I’m in Grade 5, I know that as happy as I am to go play ball, I have to have that same energy for school, because without an education and applying myself – where will I get in life. Education helps me to learn basic things in life. How to read, how to write, how to count, how to play, how to follow rules, how to listen, how to participate, how to make friends, how to put my mind to it, how to challenge myself and how to make my parents proud through good work. All the similar things I learn in school, I can apply to things like Basketball, so I see how one thing learned in life can lead to other learning’s. Don’t get me wrong, school is no game. School is what you need to be successful. Success too many means different things. But for me success means applying myself. Trying hard. Trying HARDER and if I follow these simple rules, I will be successful. Success doesn’t always mean money, though money is a nice reward of success. Success means the person you have become through different learning’s. Learning comes from education. Learning comes from life, love and goods and bads. Education helps to set you up for life and challenge you to become successful, but you have to want it. You have to believe in it and believe in yourself. My parents always tell me that they can only watch over me so much and push me, though they will always be here to support me, but success is on my shoulders and I have to want it and because I have a dream of going to the NBA and having the finer things in life, I know that without an education I can’t live my dreams or get close to them so I know every day I try hard and then harder again to make sure that I take school seriously and make sure I try my best. Make sure every day is success and education is part of it. There are other things that make people successful as well; character, passion, confidence, and being true to yourself will all lead to your impact on the world. Any I plan on leaving a big impact. Its about the battles you pick, the ones you encourage yourself to take on and masking sure of the battles you win is education!

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