Welcome to Drills’n’Skills, where we will show you some tips on how to be a better basketball player.

New video showing 3 passing drills

=> 3 Line 2 Ball Drill
=> 3 Man Fast Break
=> Raytown Passing Drill

Drillsnskills1from the online coaching clinic, “80 Innovative Drills” [click here]

Drills For Half Court Offense

Here’s a cool video that’s sure to help with your team’s half court offense: It reveals a #1 favorite technique for getting high percentage shots in the half court set. (HINT: you can use it against Man OR Zone)

Drillsnskills2Here’s the link by Basketball Inner Circle [click here]

Layup Drill for kids’ basketball

You’ll see an easy step by step method for teaching layups to kids. (right side AND left side)

The instructor is Gonzaga’s Jerry Krause (the most published author in basketball history!)

Drillsnskills3Check out his teaching method [click here]

How To Break Down A Half Court Offense
You’ll see a Div 1 coach break down specific elements of his offense into small parts, and teach it to his players with lots of great “skill cues.”

Drillsnskills4It’s only 5 mins long. [click here]

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