Gym Information

SBA uses a variety of gyms when needed. Please use these links to find your gym and its directions.

Toronto Catholic Schools [click for information]

Toronto Public Schools [click for information]

Colleges and Universities [click for information]

Private Facilities [click for information]

Other Facilities

Extra facilities are used by the SBA on special occasions such as:

[1] Provincial Championships

[2] Elite Teams

[3] Other Events

These ‘extra’ gyms will be listed in this space when the SBA needs them.


Gym Cancellations – Applies to REP Teams only

Often gym facilities will be cancelled during the week or on a weekend for a number of reasons.  To avoid having SBA teams go to gyms that have been cancelled, notice of cancellations for each TDSB school, TCDSB school or Other (i.e. Centennial College, etc) will be emailes on a weekly basis.

Please note:

It is the responsibility of each rep coach to check for cancellations of his/her team’s gym facilities on a daily basis since notification of such cancellations can be sent to the SBA from the school boards at any time.

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