“A good coach is someone who can change the outcome of a game. A great coach is someone who can change a life for the better.”

At SBA, our coaches are committed to foster your child’s individual development, and empower each player to help them reach, and exceed, their personal expectations. Under their expert care, your child will not only learn individual, sport-oriented skills, but also develop personally and socially. Through their education process, SBA coaches instill the love for the game and teach children the value of responsibility, respect, and the importance of teamwork.

Emmanuel Bonney has been trainer for over 10 years and has worked with the school board, Colleges, Universities, Prep Schools and PRO Basketball Leagues. He had opportunities to go Pro but had a greater passion for training, so he became a trainer. He’s sought after by many fitness companies to run their gyms and organizations.
“To be a PRO, you must train like one.”
Mike has been with the SBA for almost two years now. He works as trainer and coach at the house league and Jr. Men’s league. Mike attends York University full time, studying Sociology for Education.
Ryan has a diploma in Fitness and Health and his spare time he enjoys playing basketball, running and is a hugh fan of all Toronto sports teams, getting out to as many games as possible. He has been with the SBA House League Program for almost 2 years. Working as a trainer and coach on Saturday’s with our players starting at 4 – 14 years of age. During the week Ryan operates heavy equipment as his full time job. Ashley has been working with the SBA for the last 2 years. Helping with training, score keeper and the Saturday duties to keep the house league program running smoothly. She attends University of Toronto, studying Sociology, Political Science and Public Law. Hoping to be a lawyer after she graduates.
This is Brian‘s first year with the SBA. He helps out with the training and score keeps all Saturday game. Brian attend High School full time. Doris has been with SBA for 20 years. After taking a small break from house league has come back to convene the program. Working with the 4 – 6 year old small ballers is her greatest joy. Both Doris’ children have grown up through the SBA programs and some times came out on Saturday’s to help out.
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