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Team photo from 2016-2017 season.



Jersey: #5

Jersey: #6

Jersey: #25

Jersey: #12

Jersey: #22

Jersey: #16

Isaiah C
Jersey: #13

Isaiah M
Jersey: #23

Jersey: #10

Jersey: #9

Jersey: #3


Jewell Willock
Head Coach

Coaching Background:
SBA Member since 2010
Started The J. Willock Foundation for Youth
Coaching Accomplishments:
2013 – 2014 Season
ABS Team Trophy (Novice)
SILVER medal DCBA (Novice)
GOLD medal IEM (Novice)
SILVER medal SBA (Novice)2014 – 2015 Season
GOLD medal MUMBA (Atom)
GOLD medal MOTION (Atom)
BRONZE medal OBA Prov.(Atom)
ABS Team Trophy (Atom)
ABS Championship (Atom)

Dean Miller
Assistant Coach

I’ve been coaching since 2014. I like to coach because it is fun and I can impart athletic wisdom upon the next generation. The fun part about working with youths is that they get you excited over the smallest things.

2015 – 2016 Season
GOLD medal SBA (Major Atom)
GOLD medal MUMBA (Major Atom)
GOLD medal OBA Provincials (Major Atom)

2014 – 2015 Season
GOLD medal MUMBA (Atom)
GOLD medal MOTION (Atom)
BRONZE medal OBA Provincials (Atom)
ABS 1st place Team Trophy (Atom)
ABS Playoffs Championship (Atom)

2016/2017 Games (10-2)
Signature LeagueNov 201Mississauga MonarchsSBA 45 – Mississauga Monarchs 42W
2Mississauga KnightsSBA 75 – Mississauga Knights 6W
OBLNov 261Toronto Triple ThreatSBA 77 – Toronto Triple Threat 37W
2Team BreakdownSBA 73 – Team Breakdown 44W
Signature LeagueDec 31MotionSBA 61 Motion 32W
2Brother’s KeeperSBA 62 Brother’s Keeper 61W
Signature LeagueDec 101Toronto NuStep BallersSBA 60 – Toronto NuStep Ballers 67L
2Halton Basketball ClubSBA 79 – Halton Basketball Club 39W
Signature LeagueJan 141Mississauga MonarchsSBA 56 – Mississauga Monarchs 50
2Mississauga KnightsSBA 82 – Mississauga Knights 13W
OBLJan 151IEM NewmarketSBA 47 – IEM Newmarket 51L
2Wildhawk BasketballSBA 58 – Wildhawk Basketball 56W
Signature LeagueJan 281MotionSBA 67 – Motion 52W
2Brother’s KeeperSBA 0 – Brother’s Keeper 0Inc
OBLFeb 41CKattSBA 58 – CKatt 52W
2Blessed SacramentSBA 53 – Blessed Sacrament 49W
Signature LeagueFeb 111Nu Step BallersNu Step Ballers  55 – SBA 62W
2Halton Basketball ClubHalton Basketball Club 52 – SBA 61W
OBLFeb 26Kitchener Waterloo VipersKitchener Waterloo Vipers 66 – SBA 80W
Team BreakdownTeam Breakdown 57 – SBA 72W
Signature League1Mississauga MonarchsMississauga Monarchs  59 – SBA 54L
Congratulations to Trey Higgins who won the Signature League MVP of the year.
SBA Players who took part in the Signature League All-Star game.


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