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Team photo from 2015-2016 season.



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Brad Matsugu
Head Coach
Coaching Background:
Brad has been involved in basketball for over a decade throughout Ontario with the Etobicoke Thunder and just recently the Kitchener Waterloo Vipers. Brad’s coaching ranges from House League to Rep for players aged 13 to 19. His coaching spans beyond community and club as the head coach of Ontario Basketball’s Talent Identification & Development (TID) and Centre for Performance programs. Brad has expanded his involvement at the national level with Canada basketball’s Junior Academy (JA) and Targeted Athlete Strategy (TAS) programs.Coaching Accomplishments:
Viper Prep Development Program Director, Ontario Cup Gold (2014 & 2012) and Silver (2013) Medalists. 2013 ABS Coach of the Year.
 Assistant Coach


2017/2018 Games
Dates Game Opponent Score W/L
Ontario Fall Shootout Tournament Nov 3 1 NT Huskies SBA 50 – NT Huskies 30 W
2 IEM Newmarket SBA 77 – IEM Newmarket 68 W
3 Goulbourn Hornets SBA 95 – Goulbourn Hornets 65 W
4 Jayhawks SBA 61 – Jayhawks 37 W
Signature League Nov 12 1 Waterloo Wildhawks SBA 71 – Waterloo Wildhawks 56 W
2 Vaughan Panthers SBA 71 – Vaughan Panthers 32 W
OBL Nov 25 1 North Toronto Huskies North Toronto Huskies 45 – SBA 47 W
2 IEM Newmarket SBA 70 – IEM Newmarket 72 L
OBL Dec 16 1 Wildhawk Basketball SBA 58 vs Wildhawk Basketball  57 W
OBLX Dec 17 1 DC United SBA 91 vs DC United  86 W
2 Toronto Triple Threat Toronto Triple Threat 47 vs SBA 62 W


Ontario Fall Shootout Tournament
Ontario Fall Shootout Tournament

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