2023 Wing Jaiden Cole Positioning Himself As An Emerging Prospect In Canada

By Julius Kim, Made Hoops


Jaiden Cole had a very impressive Winter Circuit


Canadian native Jaiden Cole shined last year at MADE Hoops Middle School Academy and made his name well known on a national scale. He shared some of his thoughts on what he learned from the camp and how it improved his game.

“I really liked the MADE Hoops Academy,” said Cole. “I think the best part was the classroom session because it taught me what I need to do to get better like my eating habits and what I need to do in class.” 

Following a strong camp, he had a phenomenal MADE Hoops Winter Circuit with UPLAY Canada (CAN), and the 6’4″ wing proved to be one of the most impressive scorers in the League. Along with that, he’s proven to be one of the emerging talents in Canada for his age group.

The class of 2023 has a tremendous amount of talent across the United States. Cole was able to compete against the best in our MADE Hoops tournaments and 8th Grade Winter Circuit, and when he was asked about whom he thought the best player he went up against was, he didn’t hesitate to answer.

“This kid on Team CP3 named Aden Holloway, he’s really good,” said Cole. “He was just a really strong leader on his team like he told everyone where to go and where to be on the floor so I like him.” 

Cole is determined to get better and his work ethic off the court has really improved his overall development. Part of getting better is constantly watching players that are better than you, and because of it, he loves to study guys in the NBA.

“I’d say James Harden,” said Cole when asked about his favorite player. “He’s all over the court and he’s an overall player except for his defense. He can drive in and kick it out to his open teammates and what I like about him is that he always encourages him team.” 

His passion for James Harden and the Houston Rockets leads him to believe that they can beat the Golden State Warriors in a seven game series.

“I think they’re going to win the whole thing this year,” said Cole. “With him and Chris Paul, I think they have a shot. They beat the Warriors without James Harden so I think they can beat them with him on the court.”

Credit: https://www.madehoops.com/news_article/show/1015058