Our Mission

Formed in 1996 as a non-profit organization, the Scarborough Basketball Association has a simple game plan: to provide youth in, and around, the Scarborough area with the opportunity to grow and enjoy life through the sport of basketball.

For some of our youth, the SBA will be a launching pad for a successful basketball career in college or university.

Some may even go on to become professional players, based on the fundamentals that we helped them develop.

However, for most, the SBA and its basketball programs are simply a means of building character, developing friendships and having a whole lot of fun.

Our Mission

Our philosophy and commitment to our players is simple. We:

  • emphasize the importance of teamwork, health, and dedication
  • provide an environment free of pressure from coaches/parents
  • train and teach basketball fundamentals to all age levels
  • practice commitment, hard work, and discipline
  • give at-risk youth the opportunity to participate
  • teach acceptable social behaviours in sport
  • provide an affordable REP program
  • put the welfare of the player first

We Are Scarborough Basketball

Philosophy and Goals

The Scarborough Basketball Association (SBA) is a registered non-profit organization that is run, and coached, by unpaid volunteers.

We believe in putting athletes first and winning second.

Since 1996, we have placed Scarborough on the basketball map in Ontario by producing great basketball players and organizing completive tournaments.


Our Coaches are dedicated to the development of our players’ skill level, as outlined in the series of publications (LTAD – Long Term Athlete Development) from Canada Basketball. This is accomplished through the use of our ‘Team Development Policy’ and by encouraging our coaches to continually improve their own knowledge of basketball by obtaining NCCP levels.

We have invested in programs such as the ‘Elite Camp’ to improve on the fundamental skills of basketball for each athlete.

SBA continues to give back to the community via the assisted improvement of school gyms.

In partnership with the Toronto District School Board and the Toronto Catholic Separate School Board, we have helped fund the purchases of scoreboards, protective mats, and the refinishing of gym floors at both David and Mary Thomson CI and Pope John Paul II CSS.

Not only do our athletes benefit from the use of these gyms, but so do the students that attend these schools.

SBA 25th Anniversary


Read about our alumni, championship teams and the long history of the club.