1 Name of Organization
1.1 The name of this organization shall be the Scarborough Basketball Association (SBA), (hereinafter referred to as SBA).
1.2 Address: Scarborough Basketball Association (SBA)
Cedarbrae Mall
3495 Lawrence Ave. E, Suite 210
Toronto, ON M1H 1B3
1.3 Telephone Number: 416.551.7554

2 Mission and Objections
2.1 The Mission of the Scarborough Basketball Association (SBA) is to provide a positive environment for all Scarborough & surrounding area youth, coaches and parents by promoting and developing the sport of basketball.
2.2 The Goals & Objectives of the Scarborough Basketball Association (SBA) include:

2.2.1 To foster and encourage personal & athletic growth, education and development of all players, coaches and officials who participate in SBA programs.
2.2.2 To encourage equal participation and strong values of basketball, such as teamwork and fair play within SBA.
2.2.3 To encourage and promote volunteer involvement in basketball through the Club.
2.2.4 To define, develop and uphold the rules & regulations of basketball as adopted by this Club.
2.2.5 To seek corporate and community support for the SBA.

3 Governance Policies
3.1 The purpose of the Board, on behalf of the membership, is to see that the Scarborough Basketball Association (SBA) , hereinafter known as SBA and/or Blues, program:

3.1.1 achieves appropriate results, in terms of basketball skills and activities, for its youth membership (players) at an appropriate cost;

3.1.2 avoids unacceptable actions and situations by its youth membership and coaching personnel; and
3.1.3 continues to develop programs and leadership in the basketball community.

4 Governing Style
4.1 The Board will govern with an emphasis on:

4.1.1 outward vision rather than internal preoccupation;
4.1.2 encouragement of diversity in viewpoints;
4.1.3 strategic leadership more than administrative detail;
4.1.4 clear distinction of Board and chief executive roles;
4.1.5 collective rather than individual decisions;
4.1.6 future rather than past or present; and
4.1.7 proactively rather than reactivity.

Policy Focus
5.1 The Board will direct, control, and inspire the SBA through the careful establishment of broad written policies reflecting the Board’s values and perspectives about ends to be achieved and means to be avoided.
5.2 The Board’s major policy focus will be on the intended long-term effects outside SBA, not on the administrative or programmatic means of attending those effects.

6 Board
6.1 Membership

6.1.1 Active membership includes all registered persons actively engaged in the work of the Club as a director, executive, coach or manager and all persons appointed to serve on committees and sub-committees.
6.1.2 Each family with one (1) or more registered players shall have one (1) and only one (1) vote regardless of how many members of the family are registered and are active members of SBA.
6.1.3 The membership year shall commence September 1st of the current year and terminate August 31st of the following year.
6.1.4 A person’s membership will cease when the person is no longer registered with SBA.
6.1.5 The Board may expel any member for any reason deemed reasonable, upon a two-third majority vote at a special meeting called for that reason.
6.1.6 The rights and obligations of members shall be adhered to by the by-laws presented in this document.

6.2 Board Members

6.2.1 There shall be the following Members: President Executive Director Director of Finances Director of Operations Director of Registration Chair, House League Programs Committee Chair, “Rep” Teams Programs Committee Chair, Club Tournaments Committee Chair, Communications Committee Chair, Officers’ Committee

7 Meetings
7.1 General Meetings

7.1.1 The Annual General Meeting shall be held no later than September 30th of the current year.
7.1.2 All members shall receive no less than fourteen (14) response days (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are excluded) written notice.
7.1.3 The date, time and location of the AGM shall be determined by the Board of Directors.
7.1.4 The purpose of the meeting will be to review: the activities of the past and up-coming season; and to elect the necessary members to the Board of Directors.
7.1.5 The order of business at the AGM shall be: Roll Call Period of Remembrance Tributes and introduction of special guests Minutes of previous AGM President’s Report Board Members’ reports Treasurer’s Report and Financial Report Auditor’s Report Appointment of the Auditors Other Reports Unfinished business Amendments to the Constitution Roll Call and report of credential’s committee Election of Board Members Any other business Adjournment

7.1.6 Nominations of people for executive positions in the SBA may be submitted: By the present directors, chairs, members. By any member of the SBA.

7.1.7 Nominations for people to serve on the SBA’s Board for the upcoming year must be forwarded to the SBA’s postal mailing address no less than seven (7) responsive days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
7.1.8 Any person who is presently an Executive member of another club may not be elected or appointed to the SBA’s Board.
7.1.9 Nominations will not be accepted from the floor during the Annual General Meeting.
7.1.10 Elections for Board positions shall be held by secret ballot.
7.1.11 Each Annual General Meeting will elect the Members to alternating two-year terms of office. The elections for:

  • President,
  • Director – Administration;
  • Chair – “Rep” Team Programs; and
  • Chair – Tournaments will occur in even numbered years. The elections for:

  • Director – Finances; and
  • Chair – House League Programs;
  • Chair – Communications will occur in odd numbered years.

7.2 Special General Meetings

7.2.1 The voting members of the SBA and/or the SBA Board members may call Special General Meetings, hereinafter known as a SGM;
7.2.2 The specifications for calling a SGM are as follows: at least seven percent (7%) of the voting members must call for a SGM meeting; or the SBA Directors must vote unanimously to call for a SGM meeting.

7.2.3 The notice of a SGM shall be given, in writing, to all SBA members, at least, seven (7) days prior to the date of the meeting.
7.2.4 The notice must include: the reason for the meeting; have the signature of all the people calling the meeting; and the meeting shall be restricted to the business stated in the notice.

7.2.5 A quorum for a SGM shall be, at least, fifteen percent (15) of the SBA’s voting members.

7.3 Voting at a Meeting

7.3.1 Voting at all meetings of the Association will be in person by show of hands or ballot.
7.3.2 A simple majority (fifty percent plus one) will determine all votes.
7.3.3 Regular meetings of the Board will occur monthly (or at the call of the President) with a “quorum” requiring that fifty-percent plus one.
7.3.4 All members of the Board may vote on league issues.
7.3.5 A meeting may be cancelled for the following month with the Board’s permission.
7.3.6 Notice of the meeting will be one week written or three (3) days by telephone.
7.3.7 Only present members of the Board (as defined section III-1) may vote at these Board meetings.
7.3.8 Half the members plus one will represent a quorum.
7.3.9 Special Meetings of the Association may be called by the President from time to time as deemed necessary or upon presentation to the President of a petition signed by majority of all voting members requesting a special meeting.
7.3.10 Only defined members of the Association may vote.
7.3.11 A quorum will represent fifty percent plus one.

8 Board and its Election
8.1 The SBA shall be managed by a Board, hereinafter known as the Board.
8.2 The Executive Council will be responsible for:

8.2.1 setting the Club’s Policies and Procedures; and
8.2.2 the management of the affairs of the Association as per Scarborough Basketball Association (SBA) Bylaws/Policies and Procedures and the direction from the Board Members.

8.3 Each Director and Chair shall hold office from the time of the election until the next Annual General Meeting.
8.4 A simple majority of elected and/or appointed directors shall constitute a quorum at Board meetings.
8.5 The directors and chairs shall meet as often as is necessary to carry out the business of the SBA.
8.6 If two or more Directors and/or Chairs give at least three (3) responsive days’ notice, in writing, that they want a meeting to be called, then the President must convene a meeting.

8.6.1 The President will inform the Board, within a reasonable amount of time, of the location and the time of the meeting.

8.7 Voting on questions or matters arising at any meeting of the Board shall be decided by a simple majority of the Directors present.

8.7.1 The Chairperson shall have the casting or deciding vote in the event of a tied vote by the remainder of the Directors.
8.7.2 Voting shall by assent or dissent.
8.7.3 If demanded by a Director that is present, votes shall be by ballot.
8.7.4 An Executive member shall not vote on any matter concerning him or herself.
8.7.5 When a resolution is carried the Chairperson shall declare and entry to this effect shall be recorded in the Minutes.

8.8 Directors and Chairs shall not receive remuneration for fulfilling their duties as Board members of the SBA.
8.9 In default of an election or appointment, the then incumbents (being members of the Board) shall hold office until their successors are elected or appointed.
8.10 In the absence of written agreement to the contrary, the employment of all officers shall be settled from time to time by the Board.
8.11 Any officer may be removed from office by the Board, which may fill any vacancy so occurring for the remainder of the term of such officer.
8.12 Should any member of the Executive Committee resign, the Board of Directors may appoint a replacement from the membership who would hold office until the next Annual General Meeting.
8.13 At the call of the President, a Nominating Committee, chaired by a non-Board Member, will be formed to pursue new or maintain existing candidates for the Board of Directors.
8.13.1 This Committee will be formed prior to the AGM.

9 Board and Vacancies
The office of a member of the Board shall be vacated:
9.1 When the SBA’s Executive receives, in writing, the Executive Member’s resignation.
9.2 If s(he) becomes incapable of performing the business of the office through illness.
9.3 If s(he) is absent from two (2) Executive Meetings without satisfactory reasons to the Executive.
9.4 If s(he) is suspended from basketball activities for any reason by any basketball organization.
9.5 If s(he) is removed by resolution of the SBA for good and sufficient cause by a resolution passed by at least two-thirds of the votes cast at a meeting of the Board called for the purpose.
For example:
If, in the opinion of the other Directors and/or Chairs, any Director and/or Chair is deemed to be willfully negligent in carrying out his/her duties as a Director and/or Chair, s(he) may be removed from his/her Office by a simple majority vote of the Directors and Chairs present.
9.6 Vacancies arising on the Board may be filled by appointment of the Board.
9.7 The appointed member shall have all the powers of an elected official until the position is filled by an election or appointment at the next AGM.

10 Delegation of Duties
10.1 In case of the absence or inability of any officer, or for any other reason that the Board may deem sufficient, the Board may, subject to the provisions, from time to time, delegate all or any of the powers of such officer to any other officer or to any Director.

11 Finances
11.1 The fiscal year shall be from June 1st to May 31st.
11.2 The signing officers of the Association shall be that of the President, Director of Finances and the Executive Director.
13.3 Two of three signatures are required for all financial transactions.
11.3 There shall be no financial remuneration to any member for any volunteer activity.
11.4 Any voting member, upon reasonable notice, may inspect the financial records of the Association.
11.5 The financial record will be reviewed annually by a duly qualified accountant. Copies of the financial statements will be provided to the Association members at the Annual General Meeting.
11.6 For the purpose of carrying out its objectives, the Association may borrow or raise or secure payment in such a manner, as it sees fit. This power shall be executed only under the authorization of the elected Board.
11.7 All net proceeds and other assets will be used solely to promote the objectives of the Scarborough Basketball Association (SBA).

12 Amend the Constitution (Articles)
12.1 Amendments to the Constitution can only be made at an Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting called for that purpose.
12.2 Proposed amendments to the Constitution by a Member must be submitted to the SBA Director of Administration, in writing, at least thirty (30) response days, prior to the Annual General Meeting.
12.3 The Directors and Chairs shall have the power to pass Bylaws within the framework of the Constitution to facilitate the day-to-day operation of the SBA.

12.3.1 These changes shall come into effect in the playing season immediately following their adoption by the Executive.

12.4 Voting requirements:

12.4.1 Amendments to the Constitution will require a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of those accredited delegates present at the AGM or SGM called for that purpose.
12.4.2 Amendments to the Bylaws, Policies and/or to Appendices will require a simple majority of the votes of the accredited delegates present at the AGM or the SGM called for that purpose.

13 Amend the Constitution (Bylaws)
13.1 Bylaws may only be added, amended or rescinded at the Annual General Meeting, typically held in June of each year.
13.2 A notice of change must go out in writing to the voting membership 30 days prior to the meeting.

14 Custody and Use of the Seal of the Organization
14.1 The Corporate Seal and Corporate Logo will remain at the official office of the Scarborough Basketball Association (SBA).
14.2 The President, Director of Finances or Executive Director will have the authority to use the Corporate Seal.
14.3 The Corporate Logo may also be used by the President and the Executive Director to promote event and functions of the Association.

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