Our Basketball Coaching Philosophy

The SBA’s philosophy is simple: to put the well-being of our players first in order to protect them from the undue pressure of failure. Our goal is not just to make better basketball players— it is also to make better people!

Our basketball coaches embrace this philosophy and work hard to create successful programs at every level.

Our coaches are committed to fostering the development of each participant and to empowering each player to help them reach, and exceed, their personal expectations. Under the expert care of our coaching staff, your child will not only learn individual, sport-oriented skills, but they will also develop personally and socially. Through this education process, SBA coaches work to instil the love of basketball and to teach children the value of responsibility, respect, and the importance of teamwork.

Coaching Goals

• emphasize the importance of teamwork, health, and dedication
• provide an environment free of pressure from coaches/parents
• train and teach basketball fundamentals to all age levels
• practice commitment, hard work, and discipline
• give at-risk youth the opportunity to participate
• teach acceptable social behaviours in sport
• provide an affordable REP program
• put the welfare of the player first

We are always looking for great coaches to fill volunteer and paid positions. Contact, if interested.