Blues Elite Basketball Program

Dear SBA Blog Readers,

First off, I would like to introduce myself to all the members of the SBA family and the readers of this blog; my name is Sergey Kalnish, Director for the Blues Elite Basketball Program. The brief bio I always give people about myself (I can talk for hours, so I had to coin out a brief 15 second elevator speech) is that I was born in Russia, grew up in Bulgaria, played basketball and graduated from a University in the USA, and about a year ago moved to Toronto, Canada where I currently live and work. So yes, I have lived, played the game of basketball, studied and worked in many different places, which I believe gives me a unique perspective on the game and life as a whole.

Basketball has been an instrumental part of my journey in life, teaching me valuable lessons along the way, forming some of the strongest friendships and bonds that still last to this day. The game has given me some of my greatest memories and experiences in life, and I have reached a point where I want to give back some of the opportunities that were given to me, pass on the knowledge that the game and its many teachers have taught me, and hopefully light up that same fire in the hearts of young kids that was started in my heart over 15 years ago when I first picked up a basketball.

The Blues Elite Basketball Program is designed to develop student-athletes who want to compete at the college level. It will provide kids with a disciplined, competitive and fun learning environment utilizing the innovative PHASE 1 Basketball Training System, teaching proper movement, timing and spacing on the basketball court while also giving special attention to injury screening and prevention as part of regular workouts.  The Blues Elite will provide players with all the tools they need to maximize their basketball potential, including professional training and coaching, high level of domestic and US competition, as well as top of the line exposure events and recruiting assistance to help our athletes get to the next level. The program is currently available for kids in the U16 and the U19 age groups.

Tryouts for both age groups continue on March 3rd from 12 -3 PM, at East York Collegiate – 650 Cosburn Ave.

With any questions, you can contact me directly at:

Thank you