2017/2018 Boys Blues REP Teamsboys rep basketball

Teams are listed by age categories. Final Coach list to be determined.

Name Position Team 2017/18 Standings Team Page
Vedat Abacioglu
Head Coach U10 check-our-page
Steve Gazmin
Head Coach U10 check-our-page
Jason Andrade Head Coach U10 check-our-page
Alvin Garsin Head Coach U10 check-our-page
Mike Guthrie Head Coach U11 Gold check-our-page
Dave Deer
Head Coach U11 Bronze check-our-page
Greg Wade Head Coach U11 check-our-page
Ted Ferreira Head Coach U12 Gold check-our-page
Shane Lypka
Head Coach U12 check-our-page
Jonathan Harvey
Head Coach U12 Silver check-our-page
Nigel Hunte
Head Coach U13 Gold check-our-page
Richard Lontok
Head Coach U13 check-our-page
Basil Botetzayas
Head Coach U13 check-our-page
David Rudnick Head Coach U13 check-our-page
Jasper Manio Head Coach U13 check-our-page
Brad Matsugu
Head Coach U14 4th Place check-our-page
Adonis Guiterrez
Head Coach U14 check-our-page
Marvin Lalog Head Coach U14 check-our-page
Adi Pereira Head Coach U14 Bronze check-our-page
Nathan Ferguson
Head Coach U15 check-our-page
Martin Johnson Head Coach U15 check-our-page
Dextroy Jerrick
Head Coach U15 check-our-page
Adel Mahammed Head Coach U15 check-our-page
Jonathan Carnrite Head Coach U16 check-our-page
Sylvan Blackett Head Coach U16 Silver check-our-page
Mike Schwartzentruber Head Coach U16 Silver check-our-page
Baret Arakelyan
Head Coach U16 check-our-page
Peter Jones
Head Coach U17 check-our-page
Michael Akissi
Head Coach U19 check-our-page

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