Coach Breedy

coach breedy

Coaching Accomplishments:

  • Provincial Champions (Gold) Girls U14, 2016/17
  • Provincial Champions (GOLD) Girls U15 playing up a year at U16 Div 1, 2014-2015
  • Youth Basketball of America (YBOA) National Champions, Orlando, Div 1, July 2014
  • Provincial Silver Medalist Girls U14 Division 1, 2013-2014
  • Provincial Bronze Medalist Girls U13 Division 1, 2012-2013
  • Provincial Champions (GOLD) Major Atom U12 Girls, Division 1, 2011-2012
  • Provincial Champions (GOLD) Atom U11 Girls, Division 1, 2010-2011 
  • SBA COACH OF THE YEAR, 2012-2013
  • Assistant Coach with University of Toronto Summer AAU team, 2013/2014
  • Assistant Coach with SBA Juel Prep (Silver Medallist at Championships), 2015-2016

What parents and players are saying

Koralie says…
He is a coach, artist and poet who make people dream and show the way to realize their dream.

Laila says…
Coach Brian is the type of coach that will push you because he sees your potential, the coach that you can laugh with after practice. He always told us to aim higher then our goals and always believed in us.

Seyla says…
Coach Brian is the type of coach that changes people. We were a division D team 2 seasons ago. We had a pretty good coach, and good team but, we weren’t playing to our full potential. Now this past season we were Division 2 champions. That just doesn’t happen often, that just doesn’t happen at all. You don’t see a team at the bottom of the pack storm up to be known throughout all of the OBL in just 9 months. And, that’s all thanks to Coach Brian. He guided us in the right direction, motivated us and believed in us. He taught us what it means to be a valuable teammate and player. He made us better each practice. Coach Brian gave us his 100% everytime we stepped onto a court. Whether it be giving us a pep talk, showing us a play, or cheering us on, coach was there for us. He is caring, supportive, strict and especially witty. I am proud to call him my coach.

Brianna says…
There are two things that make my dad great coach. The first things is his dedication. He studies the game relentlessly, he watches film, he goes to any game he can and he reads lots of articles about basketball. The other thing that he does is make his players believe that they can win. He also instills a winning mentality in his players so that everybody including the parents are on the same page.

Julia says…
Brian Breedy is an amazing coach! He always shows up prepared and expects the same from his players. Coach Brian encourages his players to set bold goals and to believe in ourselves. He understands that we are stronger together.

Chantale says…
I had heard about Brian Breedy and all of his accomplishments. I was thrilled to learn that he wanted to coach my daughter’s team. From day one, I noticed how committed he was. He takes great pride in his work. Even though he is a volunteer, he gives his 100%. He has the girls best interest at heart. The girls finished the season with a gold medal under his leadership. But what is more impressive, is how he brought these 12 girls together. They have a special bond.



Dina says…
Coach Brian is very caring and attentive coach. He appreciates hard work, perseverance and the team’s connection above all.

Chelsea says…
Coach Brian is a strict but playful Coach. Always wants have us to learn from our mistakes and pushes us hard to get better. He encourage us to trust and respect our teammates, he’s the best coach I have since starting to play the game of basketball.

Kareem Granger says…
Brian Breedy a mentor and a friend. He is completely dedicated to the development of female basketball players in the region, and people in general. I’ve seen Brian inspire young people to achieve beyond even their own imaginations, by building their confidence and their understanding of their worth. His impact on the game is well documented, and if girls basketball is happening in a gym, Brian will be there. And, rest assured, if you don’t know him, he knows you.

Wallace says…
Brian was a tough coach who pushed each and everyone of his players to the fullest because he knew what we were capable of accomplishing. He made me love the game.

Randy Washington says…
A visionary, practical and realistic individual that makes players believe, parents support, and together the bond that is created makes anything he in involved in… difficult to compete against or duplicate!

Anita says…
Brian is very passionate, knowledgeable and a dedicated coach to the game of basketball and the players he encounters. He will travel to and from to scout a game for team preparation for games that he often wins. He strives off of defence, and encourages his players to work hard at it. He feels a player should not be out hustled. You will hear him often say ” hard work beats talent, if talent doesn’t work hard”. Although a no nonsense type of guy, Brian is very smart, respectable, organized, reliable and brings positive energy when coaching or training SBA kids.

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