Coach Matsugu


Coaching Background:
Brad has been involved in basketball for over a decade throughout Ontario with the Etobicoke Thunder and just recently the Kitchener Waterloo Vipers. Brad’s coaching ranges from House League to Rep for players aged 13 to 19. His coaching spans beyond community and club as the head coach of Ontario Basketball’s Talent Identification & Development (TID) and Centre for Performance programs. Brad has expanded his involvement at the national level with Canada basketball’s Junior Academy (JA) and Targeted Athlete Strategy (TAS) programs.

Coaching Accomplishments:
Viper Prep Development Program Director, Ontario Cup Gold (2014 & 2012) and Silver (2013) Medalists. 2013 ABS Coach of the Year.

What parents and players are saying

Jaiden says…
Having a coach like Brad means a lot to me. He has provide words of wisdom, taught me patience, pushed me
outside my comfort zone (literally, haha). And who can forget our “No foul Wednesday’s”. Brad thank you for an unforgettable season. You’re definitely my Coach of the Year!

Selena (Jaiden’s mother) says…
Having a coach like Brad means the world to us parents.
Brad volunteered all of his spare time, literally all of it! To basketball. From our team to charity functions to refereeing games, you make us proud. A special thank you to Katie is in order here! Thanks for sharing Brad with us! He teaches so much more than just a game. The boys have grown in ways we never would have imagined, Brad forces the kids to think, to coach each other through situations and to push themselves, what’s a war wound or two! Thanks Brad for everything you do!

Max says…
To have a coach like Brad means a lot to me, he doesn’t just care and help you on the court but off the court too. He wants to make you a better player and a better person all around and motivates you to work hard.  He will take his own time to to help you wth different things or talk to you about something that happened or you did. He got me to start wearing a mouth guard to help prevent me from getting hurt because he cares. When I did hurt my head, Brad found ways for me to keep learning even though I couldn’t really participate at practices. I am very lucky to have a coach like Brad.

Arthur (Max’s dad) says…
Wow, it has been a very good season for Team Brad Matsugu. I’m proud of all the players to achieve what they have done under the guidance of Brad and the assistant coaches!!!

I remember Brad telling us to go for a Gold Medal at the beginning of the season, and he made his promise towards his team. Simply awesome and for sure a tremendous boost for every player on the team!!!

He’s a superb and great coach.

Keeps his team “under control” with discipline and great coaching skills. The fact all parents received a “Report Card” of the players is something I’ve never seen, but encouraging for seasons to come!!

That the discipline is not only related to the practice, but also to the games is shown in an attached pictures. (Ha,ha, a heated confrontation on
the court with Max resulted in a clear reprimand by coach Brad when taking off the court..!)

All and all and wonderful SBA season, let by coach Brad and hopefully many more to come!!!


Massan says…
Coach Brad has taught me new skills so that I am getting better with layups especially left handed layups. He taught me how to protect the ball by keeping the ball away from the defender and keeping the ball under control. He made me better in general at shooting, layups, defence, court vision, smart decisions, and being strong. Thank you Coach Brad for coaching me for two years and improving my skills and introducing me to new ones.

Shari & Vince (Massan’s parents) say…
Coach Brad not only teaches our son how to play better basketball, he teaches him perseverance, goal setting, hard work, teamwork, and dedication through basketball. He has taken the time to know our son on and off the court, his learning style, what motivates him, and chooses to work with us in developing our son’s character. We feel blessed to have him as a role model for our son.

Amir says…
What Coach Brad has taught me? Coach Brad has taught me that winning is  not everything because what he teaches us ways to get better in the sport. Coach Brad has also taught me the importance of thinking of the consequences of my actions because last year I did not do that and I did something that prevented me from going to our Ontario Cup so my team had one less player and we couldn’t play to our fullest potential and we lost.

Veronica (Amir’s mom) says…
Experience. Brad teaches the boys the importance of sportsmanship and it’s relation to home and school life. Brad supports the parents decisions 100% and hold the boys accountable for their actions.  He also reinforces to EVERYONE that basketball is a team sport and NOT an individual sport.

Isaiah says…
Coach Brad has taught me not to be selfish with the ball. Team work goes a long way and nothing happens without a team.

Christina (Isaiah’s mom) says…
For the 2 years that Coach Brad has been coaching/teaching my son Isaiah. He has shown my son how to be accountable for his actions. Think logically and be patient. Coach Brad teaches life lessons that go far and beyond the world of basketball.

Isaiah says…
1) What has Brad taught you? Coach Brad has taught me many things in basketball and in life. For example, teaching me how to properly shoot and how to use anger in a good way. But the thing I think is most important that Coach Brad has taught me, is to always work hard!

2) What does having a coach like Brad mean to you? Coach Brad is an amazing Coach to me because he tries as hard as he can to help me accomplish my goals. Having a coach like this makes me want to play the sport even more which is amazing to have! 

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