Rep Tryout Process

How many tryouts can my child attend?

One minimum.  In some cases there may be two to four.  We recommend that each player comes to as many tryouts as possible.

How does my child get chosen for a team?

By working hard at the tryout and showing the coaches that he/she has sufficient skills to play on a rep team.

When will I find out whether my son/daughter made the team?

Some coaches will inform the players at the end of the tryout.  Some coaches will phone and speak to the parent(s) during the week following the tryout.

My child played rep last year for SBA. Why does he/she have to try out again?

Each year many new boys/girls want to join the SBA.  To make it fair, we want these “new” players and the “old” players  to earn their spot on a team rather than be grandfathered on to a team.