The Blues JUEL and JUEL Prep Program

The JUEL of Ontario; Canada’s first and longest running Provincial Basketball League is entering its next stage of development “our second 5”. Over the past 5 seasons the league has made strides in improving the women’s game across Canada while graduating over 75% of our seniors. Graduates aren’t just finding roster spots at the next level, they’re stepping into important roster roles and contributing from day 1. Our emphasis will continue to be placed on player development – helping you reach your potential as a player so that you can play basketball at the level that you desire to play it. The Blues JUEL is a very competitive team in the league, but it’s your development as a player that will be the top priority.

League Value

  • JUEL is constructed on the principle that the interests of the players come first.
  • As the league develops, it is anticipated that each JUEL and JUEL Prep franchise will attract players on a regional basis, where prior club affiliation is not a determining factor in whether a player makes a JUEL or JUEL Prep roster.
  • Each JUEL team will play a 26 game regular season schedule. Games will be played on eight weekends at various Ontario sites between early January 2016 and April 2016.
  • Each JUEL Prep team will play a 17 game regular season schedule. Games will be played on four weekends at Mississauga/Brampton sites between early January 2016 and March 2016.
  • The JUEL League Championship tournament and players’ banquet scheduled for May 14-15, 2016 will include all JUEL and JUEL Prep teams.
  • Consistent with the Long Term Athlete Development models employed by Ontario Basketball and Canada Basketball in their elite programmes, the JUEL format encourages a favourable practice time to game ratio and increased skill development.
  • During the regular season no team will have to travel more than 5 hours to their games.
  • JUEL should strengthen the overall level of play at the U19 Junior and U16 Major Midget Levels because clubs should attract the top players in their areas.
  • Teams who compete in the league know that they will play against strong competition every weekend thus must be ready to compete.
  • Each team will play against every team in the league thus avoiding ranking and seeding.
  • CIS, CCAA and NCAA Coaches can better evaluate each player because of the consistent high level of play.
  • Recruiters know where every team is playing in advance, thus making it easier to find and evaluate a specific player.
  • Teams make 2 payments for the season and the whole year is laid out for them.
  • The league will improve the level of play at every level (U 17 Juvenile, U16 Major Midget, and U15 Midget) because players will want to play in the league at some point.  It gives younger players something to work towards.
  • League awards will be held to a high standard because of the level of play.
  • Minor Officials and Game officials will be of the highest quality for all games because they are trained and paid for their services.
  • Individual and teams stats will be recorded and posted weekly.
  • Travel teams only stay over one night per trip (individual teams may choose to stay over 2 nights based on travel and potential weather issues) with exception of the Championship Weekend where they stay 2 nights, thus saving money on housing costs.
  • Currently Provincial Players are selected from the players who “show up” to try out.  All of the players will show up every game thus can be evaluated by Provincial Coaches and not missed.
  • Players will not suffer from “Burn Outs” because of the schedule where they play a maximum of 2 games per day and 3 games over 2 days (JUEL Prep will play 2 games per day with a maximum of 4 games over 2 days).  The only exception to this is the League Tournament where teams could play 2 games on Friday, 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.
  • Along with individual player development the teams will work on more technical and tactical strategies and structured approach to help players get ready for the next level.
  • The schedule allows for the players to work on their homework on Friday night because they don’t start traveling until Saturday morning on competition weekends.
  • The schedule allows for local teams to play on Friday night, those teams would play again on Saturday, but not on Sunday.
  • The schedule will allow for teams to travel south during the live NCAA period in April thus giving players exposure in the US as well.
  • JUEL has an agreement in place with CSTT Sports Management to establish the best hotel value for all teams.
  • Athletic Therapists are available at all sites, Coaches and Players do not have to worry about supplies as the league covers everything.
  • Each team is issued 15 tickets for the league Banquet (each ticket is a $30.00 value).
  • The All-Star Teams will include JUEL and JUEL Prep games scheduled for Saturday May 28, 2016.
  • Every game is recorded and posted on the JUEL site right after each weekend of competition.  Recruiters can purchase the “Recruiting Guide” which includes access to all game tapes.  All JUEL Coaches and Players have free access to all games online.
  • Players get to practice and play against the top players in the Province every time out.

JUEL & JUEL Prep Refund Policy

  • Upon registration – non-refundable portion – $ 295
  • After 30 days – non refundable portion – $ 495
  • After 60 days – non refundable portion – $ 795
  • Subsequently – No refund
  • NO refunds on uniforms.

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