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Paulla Weekes

Paulla Weekes

By John Elambo

Now that is a double dribble.

Paulla Weekes and her twin sister Anika both improved their basketball skills with the Scarborough Basketball Association and now they are living their dreams of playing NCAA Division 1 basketball in the U.S.

“We always said it was a goal of ours to play in the U.S. and we manifested it to become our reality,” Paulla Weekes said. “We didn’t expect anything less.” 

Being a part of the SBA family was amazing for Weekes, who said there are so many good memories from her time playing there.

“The end of the year BBQ’s that the Breedy family would host, and winning championships,” she said, listing her top two favourites.

The Breedy family (including coach Brian Breedy and daughter Brianna Breedy) and the Weekes family have formed a strong bond.

“I am forever indebted to them, they mean so much to me,” she said. 

Weekes got a scholarship to Iona College, which she describes as her biggest accomplishment so far in life.

“When I first started playing basketball my goal was to get a scholarship, 10 years later I got one to an excellent school,” she said. “Also, I take pride in being on the honour roll every year. It shows my motivation to learn and be successful.” 

She chose Iona because there is no other school that can benefit her future on and off the court. 

“When looking at my future at Iona, the Philosophy and Psychology program was an opportunity I could not give up,” she said. “Their support system is amazing, and I could not see myself playing the game of basketball for any other coach. I knew that this was my school because the environment felt like home away from home and that was exactly what I needed.”

Weekes is working toward getting her masters in School Psychology.