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The Canadian Tire Foundation for Families

The Canadian Tire JumpStart program is designed to help with some financial grants for families who want their children involved in organized sports.

Applications for assistance can be submitted from January 15 to June 1 for spring/summer programs, and from July 1 to November 1 for fall/winter programs.

  • Call our toll free number, 1-877-616-6600 and based on your postal code a representative will provide a contact to the closest Canadian Tire Jumpstart Chapter
  • When calling your local Canadian Tire Jumpstart Chapter representative, be prepared to provide your contact information and the details of the sport or recreational activity your child would like to participate in. You may also be asked to provide financial information in order to prove eligibility for funding.

Our Mission
The Mission of the Canadian Tire Foundation for Families is to provide a helping hand to families in need by ensuring life’s basic needs are met.

To us, keeping communities strong, especially in times of difficulty, makes all the difference. Since our launch in 1999, the Foundation for Families has donated more than $30 million to charitable organizations that help families in local communities by ensuring life’s basic needs are met. We also believe that strong communities include strong kids. That is why we created Canadian Tire JumpStart

How We Help – The Foundation for Families’ Charitable Programs
Together with our network of stores, gas bars and employees, the Foundation for Families provides financial support to charitable organizations that help families in need through the following program:

Community Initiative Program
This program runs in partnership with Canadian Tire Dealers and corporate employee teams to provide financial support to community organizations that fit with our mission, such as:

The Community Crisis Program
Together with Dealers and store staff, we help families rebuild their lives after a natural disaster in a local community that has deprived them of their basic needs. In operation since 1999, the Community Crisis Program has helped more than 300 families, including in this example:
In early 2007, a fire left 1,000 students at the Pikangikum school near Kenora, Ont., without a school or supplies. Our local Kenora Dealer collaborated with the Foundation for Families to provide $7,706 in pens, pencils, erasers and backpacks to help get the children back on track.
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Their Goals, Their Mission
KidSport believes that no kid should be left on the sidelines and that all kids should be given the opportunity to experience organized sports with all the positive benefits that go along with being a young active athlete. KidSport provides support for children removing financial barriers that keep them from playing organized sports.

Its About the Kids
With the initiatives of KidSport, success can be measured by the number of children who have been helped to reach the opportunity of experiencing organized sports.

Its About Fun
The primary goal for KidSport is to ensure that each child participating in the sports programming, has so much fun that the can’t wait to play again in the next season!

Its About the Future
Not only does KidSport try to ensure fun all around, they also want to give the opportunity to kids to develop healthy lifestyles, no matter the financial, physical or language barriers that stand in their way. By staying physically active, children are encouraged to maintain healthy habits that will stay with them for their whole lives. Playing sports also provide challenges that teach kids valuable life lessons and skills like leadership, practice, hard work, dedication and self confidence.

Providing a Support Structure
KidSport has over 175 provincial and local chapters that help provide structured support for the organized sports. These chapters give an entity that can build knowledge and potential of supporting sport participation through a Registered Amateur Athletic Association selected from CRA. The chapters also create a positive legal and regulatory action to engage more Canadians and companies in understanding the worth of ensuring all kids experience a healthy lifestyle.

For Kidsport information [click here]

Their Opportunity


Their Opportunity exists to provide low-income families with the means to enroll their children in local sports programs. Our hope is that by alleviating the financial costs of enrollment fees, children can develop the confidence, social skills and healthy lifestyle attainable through sport.

Their Opportunity is a registered charity that is “reaching kids before they need to be rescued”.

Their Opportunity is the creation of Randy Gill. At a professional development retreat over four years ago Randy was challenged by a presenter to do “more”. After self-reflection and consultation with individuals who are part of Randy’s core influencers, he identified just what that “more” is. Tapping into his roots of strong community and an avid sports (hockey…one time Junior player and now OMHA Referee and High School hockey coach) enthusiast, Randy realized that there are significant barriers for children to enter into sporting activities. He also realized that he needed to do more than just provide access to resources for kids – he wanted to build stronger communities. As a result, recipients of Their Opportunity funds are required to “pay-it-forward” through community service and engagement. The pay-it-forward model builds on the team-work skills that the children gain in their sporting activities.

The Give-Back
There are two major things that make us unique as a sports charity. Firstly, is the way we handle our donations and disbursements. What ever money we raise in a particular region stays in that region unless otherwise ear-marked. Secondly, and most importantly, is our mandatory give-back program in which each child sponsored by our charity is required to “pay-it-forward” in some charitable way within their community within one year of receiving funding. For example if we sponsor your son or daughter they must within a year, volunteer at something like a soup kitchen or retirement home as their way of giving back to their community as a way of saying thanks and understanding the power of giving.

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