1 Screening
1.1 Scarborough Basketball Association (SBA) accepts its responsibility to children, young adults, parents, volunteers and staff involved in its programs and is committed to enduring adherence to the following policy to support the provision of sound, safe and healthy basketball experiences in its community.
1.2 Due to the positions of trust that are inherent in the provision of active, high quality sport activities, volunteers and employees shall be required to undergo a screening process based on the duties assigned by the Club.
1.3 This screening process will be comprised of a variety of measures and may include a Police Reference Check.

2 Criminal Reference Check
2.1 The SBA Constitution, Bylaws and Rules require certain positions within the Club to submit a Police Record Check prior to appointment with the Club.
2.2 The SBA Selection Committee will determine that Police Record Checks submitted were in order for all applicants for positions with the Club.
2.3 In the event of any irregularities on a Police Record Check the matter will be referred to the SBA’s President to resolve.

3 Communication and Grievance Procedures
The SBA wishes to provide a positive environment in which players learn much about basketball, team sport, and constructive life skills. The goal of the following policies and procedures is to further this positive learning environment.

3.1 Twenty-Four (24) Hour Complaint Rule
In the event that a non-safety-related complaint arises at a program, the parent or player is expected to wait a minimum of 24 hours prior to meeting to discuss the problem with the coach.

3.1.1 Such issues are to be addressed by meeting with the coach in a prearranged fashion.
3.1.2 SBA encourages the players to address their problems directly with the coach, thus reserving direct parental involvement for the most important of issues.
3.1.3 Overall, this 24-hour waiting period allows time for the player and/or parent to reflect on their respective concerns, and it also allows the coach the opportunity to schedule the appropriate amount of time so as to give the situation his/her undivided and focused attention.
3.1.4 This time frame also allows for better perspective and temperament on the part of the coach, player, and parent.

3.2 Communication Steps
The following is the established procedure utilized by the Club for dealing with occasional conflicts or misunderstandings between personnel within the Club:

Step 1:
The player (or parent) should first schedule a meeting with the team coach with whom there is an issue. It is inappropriate to contact a coach just before, during, or just after a practice or tournament to discuss problems.
Step 2:
If no solution can be reached after the 24 hour period and a meeting with the coach, the Head Coach, and if necessary, the President and/or Executive Director, should be contacted.
Failure to comply with the above communication and grievance procedures will result in the following:
a) Parent will be given a warning from the club; or
b) The parent(s) and child will be dismissed from the club and will NOT be reimbursed fees already paid.

4 Guidelines for Coaches
4.1 All teams will have one full-time head coach.
4.2 Some teams will have full-time assistants while others may have part-time or guest coaches assisting.
4.3 At the discretion of the Club Head Coach and with Board approval, a family member can coach another family member.
Note: The preference shall remain to have a non-family member head coach for each team.
4.4 Coaches will be chosen for teams based on skill level of teams and coaches.
4.5 Coaches will maintain age specific teams and will not remain with any team multiple years.
Note: Exceptions to this rule will be made by the Board of Directors if deemed necessary.
4.6 Coaches and guest coaches will be selected by the Board of Directors along with the Head Coach.
4.7 Coaches are encouraged to use their own methods for teaching and training their teams, however, any discipline deemed excessive by the Board of Directors and/or the Head Coach will result in termination.
4.8 Coaches may NOT use exercise as a form of discipline during league and tournament games.
Note: All disciplinary actions of this nature should be reserved for practice time to discourage the use of degradation as incentive.
4.9 Coaches must be members of the OBA and must adhere to the OBA Code of Conduct.
4.10 OBA memberships for full-time coaches will be paid by the club and will be pro-rated for part-time coaches based upon their work/participation level.
4.11 Coaches are required to be NCCP certified and comply with all requests of the region as they relate to background checks.
4.12 Coaches should carefully choose tournaments based on availability of the players, the Assistant Coach and their own schedule.
4.13 Coaches must sign a contract with the Club detailing their responsibilities, Code of Ethics, and background release form.

5 Guidelines for Players
5.1 All players and parents must sign a contract with the club detailing the team assignment for the season, dues, and expectations for practice, travel and behavior.
5.2 Each player is a representative of Scarborough Basketball Association (SBA) and Basketball Ontario and is expected to conduct her/himself according to the OBA Code of Conduct and SBA policies.
5.3 Possession and/or use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco or firearms are strictly prohibited.
Note: Failure to adhere to this policy is grounds for immediate dismissal from the team and the Club.
5.4 A Disciplinary Board consisting of the Head coach and one coach from each age group will consider disciplinary action on any player who fails to conduct herself or himself in a manner that causes a negative image to the club or violates any stated rule of conduct.
5.5 If a player elects to resign from a team prior to the end of the season, she/he must do so in writing to the team coach with a copy to the club’s Head Coach.
Note: The letter must designate the effective date of the resignation and the player’s reason for leaving. A player who resigns from a team prior to the end of the season will not be eligible for reimbursement of fees already paid, including tournament fees.

6 Guidelines for Parents
6.1 Definition
All Scarborough Basketball Association (SBA) parents or legal guardians are responsible for proper conduct (their own and that of their guests) while attending or participating in all games, practices, tournaments or other events, no matter the role they have in the event.
6.2 Goal Statement
Anyone participating in the Scarborough Basketball Association (SBA) sanctioned events and/or OBA sanctioned events will be expected to adhere to the following Guidelines for Behavior supporting Basketball Ontario’s Fair Play Policy:
6.3 Actions
Parents/Legal guardians should always model mature behaviour consistent with the goals of the Basketball Ontario’s Guidelines for Behaviour supporting Basketball Ontario’s Fair Play Policy:

6.3.1 Remember that the athletes participate in sport for their enjoyment, not your own.
6.3.2 Encourage them to participate, do not force them.
6.3.3 Focus on their effort and performance rather winning or losing.
6.3.4 Never ridicule or yell at a child or youth for making a mistake or losing a competition.
6.3.5 Encourage them to play according to the rules.
6.3.6 Appreciate good performances and skillful plays by all participants.
6.3.7 Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from sporting activities.
6.3.8 Respect officials’ decisions and teach children and youth to do likewise.
6.3.9 Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every young person.

6.4 Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in disciplinary action in accordance with established OBA Disciplinary Policies.

7 Zero Tolerance Policy against Abuse
7.1 The Scarborough Basketball Association (SBA) is committed to providing a safe environment for its members and participants, and to preventing abusive conduct in any form. Every member of this organization is responsible for protecting its participants and ensuring their safety and well being while involved in sponsored activities.
7.2 To this end, the SBA has established the following guidelines of behaviour and procedures for our staff, volunteers and participants. All members of this organization, as well as parents and spectators and other invitees are expected to observe and adhere to these guidelines.

7.2.1 Abuse of any kind is not permitted within our organization. This means we do not tolerate physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse or misconduct from our players, coaches, officials, volunteers, parents and spectators.
7.2.3 Emotional abuse or verbal abuse is also prohibited.

7.3 The SBA will respond quickly to any and all allegations of abuse within the organization.

7.3.1 This information will be communicated to all authorities for investigation and will be reviewed by the organization’s directors.
7.3.2 The alleged offender will be notified of such allegations promptly.

7.4 Any person accused of sexual or physical abuse may be asked to resign voluntarily or may be suspended by the Board until the matter is resolved.

7.4.1 Regardless of criminal or civil guilt in the alleged abuse, the continued presence of the person could be detrimental to the reputation of the Club and could be harmful to the participants.
7.4.2 A person who is accused but later cleared of charges, may apply to be reinstated within the organization.
7.4.3 Reinstatement is not a right, and no guarantee is made that he or she will be reinstated to his/her former position.

7.5 The SBA promotes good sportsmanship throughout the organization and encourages qualities of mutual respect, courtesy and tolerance in all participants, coaches, officials and volunteers.

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