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About the SBA Blues REP Programs

The SBA Blues REP Program has established itself as one of the Premier REP Program in all of Canada. With record number of Provincial and tournament championships, our program has graduated numerous players to Canadian and American Colleges and Universities. In addition, the Blues have former players in the NBA and in the European Pro leagues.

The SBA Blues REP basketball is a competitive program for Girls and Boys from the ages of 10 to 19 years old. Our tryouts commence in August and are completed in September.

All SBA coaches are certified and police screened, they are appointed for each category by a board of directors. Coaches and their managers are responsible for their assigned team.

The benefits of being a SBA Blues REP Player:

  • Qualified and dedicated coaches
  • Teams play in local leagues
  • Teams play for the Provincial Cup and/or Ontario Cup
  • The opportunity to play in tournaments throughout Ontario and possibly the USA
  • Increased visibility to University/College coaches who attend the tournaments
  • Players are exposed to top competition from October to May
  • Players will have the opportunity to attend SBA Clinics to further enhance their skills
  • Great uniforms

The SBA Blues REP Program is affiliated with the Ontario Basketball Association. The players who choose to try out and are chosen for the REP Program must demonstrate a commitment to the program, which includes weekly practices (2), games and/or tournaments, while exhibiting a high level of athleticism and basketball skill. We want our players to be academically responsible and have a strong desire to improve their skills.

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REP Program FAQs

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  • 2. Team
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  • 1. How many tryouts can my child attend?

    One minimum.  In some cases there may be two to four.  We recommend that each player comes to as many tryouts as possible.

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  • 2. How does my child get chosen for a team?

    By working hard at the tryout and showing the coaches that he/she has sufficient skills to play on a rep team.

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  • 3. When will I find out whether my son/daughter made the team?

    Some coaches will inform the players at the end of the tryout.  Some coaches will phone and speak to the parent(s) during the week following the tryout.

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  • 4. My child played rep last year for SBA. Why does he/she have to try out again?

    Each year many new boys/girls want to join the SBA.  To make it fair, we want these “new” players and the “old” players  to earn their spot on a team rather than be grandfathered on to a team.

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  • 5. If my son/daughter is not selected to play on a rep team, what other opportunities are there within the SBA for him/her to play basketball?

    For Boys - SBA has other options for son to play basketball.

    (a) The Select League is geared for players who are looking to play basketball in a competitive atmosphere. This is NOT a house league or a REP program.

    (b) for boys under 14, the Club has an excellent house league program that operates on Saturdays.

    (c) for boys over 15, SBA’s Junior Men’s League is just the program for you. The Junior Men’s League is geared for players who are looking to play basketball in a competitive and instructional atmosphere.


    For Girls SBA offer's an excellent house league program that operates on Saturdays.

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  • 1. If my son/daughter makes a rep team, what is the cost?

    The SBA Player Registration fee this year is $995 plus $150 for a uniform. Parents should expect to pay $1145 for their son/daughter to play on a rep team for the 2017/2018 season.

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  • 2. Why are the fees continually going up?

    Fees are constantly in a state of flux because the club is dependent on such items as gym rentals, uniform purchases, OBA fees, etc which it can’t control.

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  • 3. When is the rep registration fee due?

    As soon as your son/daughter is chosen to play on a REP team.

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  • 4. What do the fees provide?

    OBA membership and insurance, banquet and pictures (team and individual), two practice sessions per week (3 hours of training), entry into the OBA, Ontario Cup, league registration and group skill opportunities

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  • 5. Is there any way that I can receive assistance regarding the fee?

    (a) Each family may apply for assistance to organizations such as Kidsport and Jumpstart. Please beware that these organizations may take several months to provide assistance. As soon as the club receives the financial assistance, the Club will reimburse the family.

    (b) Each team is encouraged to organize activities (e.g. shoot-a-thons, etc.) throughout the season to raise money for itself.

    (c) Some employers and unions offer assistance to their employees. Examples are of employers are Hydro One, Scotia Bank, and Canada Post.

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  • 6. What is my time commitment per week, per year?

    Each team will practice a minimum of three (3) hours per week.  Some weeks, there may be also a tournament or a league game.  Tournaments usually run the whole weekend (travel to, length of games, return home); league games are usually on Saturdays (travel to, play two games, return home).  A season usually begins in October and runs to the end of April except for the older boys (U16 to U19) who begin in earnest in February and end in early June.

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  • 7. Where are the games?

    Tournament and league games are usually located within an hour or so from Toronto or closer.

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  • 8. What does it require to become a SBA coach?

    All SBA coaches must be NCCP certified.  This means that they have attended NCCP courses organized by the governing body (Ontario Basketball Association) and have passed.  In addition, they must provide evidence that they have had a police check within twelve (12) months of the start of the season.

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  • 9. If I have a problem or question (i.e. financial, personal, etc.) but I do not feel comfortable talking to the coach is there someone from the club that I can approach?

    The SBA provides each parent and/or player the ability to talk to someone in private.  Please be aware of the process.  Go to “”.  State that you would appreciate discussing a problem, issue or concern with someone in private.  You will be notified by the Club that a person will contact you to arrange for an interview.

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