SBA celebrates OTF Capital grant at Shotz City

SBA celebrates OTF Capital grant at Shotz City 1024 870 Scarborough Basketball Association

SBA Jumps into Action at Shotz City thanks to a Generous OTF Capital grant

On Friday, MPP Vijay Thanigasalam met with the Scarborough Basketball Association (SBA) to formally congratulate SBA on the work its doing since receiving a generous Capital grant from the provincial government’s Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF).

The one-year grant, awarded last fall, will help increase access to basketball equipment for Scarborough’s diverse participants, including youth, BIPOC, low-income, gender-diverse, and female individuals, marking a key step towards removing barriers to participation and fostering a more inclusive sports environment.

“I am delighted by the work Scarborough Basketball Association is doing and I am proud our government is helping to establish the Shotz City facility that will train the next generation of players in our community,” said Vijay Thanigasalam, Member of Provincial Parliament for Scarborough–Rouge Park.

SBA President Sam Moncada (left) greets Ontario MPP Vijay Thanigasalam at Shotz City to announce the club has received a Capital grant from the provincial government’s Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF).

“I have had the opportunity to see first hand how important basketball is in Scarborough and I am excited to see initiatives like this improve access to the sport.”

The grant is being used to purchase 10 basketball shooting machines thus improving equipment access to keep local talent in Scarborough and reducing the need for athletes to seek facilities elsewhere. This aligns with SBA’s goal to nurture homegrown talent. Moreover, the addition of advanced basketball equipment enables players to track their performance, promoting physical fitness and a more rigorous training regimen. This technological leap forward is expected to not only boost athlete development but also elevate Scarborough’s basketball standards, opening increased opportunities for postsecondary recruitment.

“The impact of this Ontario Trillium Foundation grant has created such a positive impact for the association,” said Sam Moncada, President of the Scarborough Basketball Association. “This grant has allowed us to create a facility that can house our ambitious, driven youth members of the Scarborough Basketball Association along with the beautiful Scarborough community. The Shotz City facility, which all SBA participants will have complimentary access too, is fully equipped, accessible, and ready to create the next NBA All Stars. We want to thank Ontario Trillium Foundation for making this happen.” 

By providing all SBA participants, from recreational to elite levels, access to this accessible facility, SBA is not only providing equipment — it’s fostering a hub for community and social cohesion.

This centre is a place for players of all ages to learn, develop, and train, reinforcing bonds among residents and encouraging competitive players to remain engaged with local programs alongside their peers.

The emphasis on inclusive, high-quality training facilities promotes improved emotional and physical development, leading to heightened confidence and healthier social interactions among participants.

By offering a safe and focused space for development, SBA is enabling youth and adults alike to pursue their passions in a supportive and positive setting. This grant symbolizes a commitment to not only sporting excellence but also to building a stronger, more cohesive community in Scarborough.

“Non-profit organizations across Ontario deliver programming that makes a difference,” said Neil Lumsden, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport. “That’s why funding that my ministry is providing through the Ontario Trillium Fund is so important. Our government wants to ensure that these programs remain the heart of communities across our province.”

Shotz City is committed to creating an accessible space for not only the Scarborough Basketball Association members, but for the entire Scarborough community to build and grow as one. If you wish to enquire about using the space or looking to book some time to simply enjoy the facility, please visit the website at:

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