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Cyanna King

Cyanna King

By John Elambo

While her SBA roots started with her mother, Cyanna King has grown her own talent on the basketball court. 

“I discovered the game of basketball through my mom (Anne Marie King). I remember watching her play at a very young age,” Cyanna said. “I also believe that she taught me the game of basketball.”

Basketball wasn’t the only sport Cyanna played, she also competed in swimming, dancing, cheerleading, soccer and cross country.

King said she became focussed on basketball around Grades 10 and 11.

“I started getting serious about basketball when I realized that it could help assist in paying for my post-secondary education,” she said. 

King was a player in the SBA from 2009-2016 and she loved playing in the house league as a kid.

“I remember how much I loved playing with other boys and girls my age and how much fun I had each and every session,” she said. 

One thing King will never forget about the SBA was the number of friendships and relationships she’s built along the way. 

She also thanks all the coaches that coached her during her time in the SBA.

“I have built a great relationship with all of the coaches I have had in all my years of basketball,” she said.

“I would like to thank SBA for hiring such a great coaching staff and mentors.”

King played for Coach Joel Woodburn, Coach YC (Chris), Coach Anita Weeks, Coach David Joseph — father of current NBA player Cory Joseph — and Coach Omarion Wiltshire. 

Although basketball is everything to her, King doesn’t see herself playing professionally.

“But if there is an opportunity to do so I would take it,” she said. 

She is currently at York University, where she is enrolled in the Children’s Studies program and plays basketball for the university. 

“Something that I enjoy most while playing for York University’s team is how close and diverse our team is. This team has provided me with lifelong friends,” she said. 

She is currently in her senior year without a basketball season due to the pandemic which is common in a lot of schools in Canada. 

King said basketball provides her with a space to get away from everything.

“It allows me to focus just on basketball, I can ignore everything that is going on outside of the gym excluding schoolwork,” she said. 

She also goes on to say the sport means ups and downs, wins and losses.

“Basketball means an escape from reality and the world that takes place outside of the gym. Basketball means creating lifelong friendships and having a home away from home,” she said.