SBA Youth Basketball Programs: Building Fundamental Skills

Many players have a natural talent for playing basketball, but every player needs a foundation from which to grow. At SBA we are very focused on making the introduction to basketball a fun, informative and valuable learning experience. Our little league and small ball programs focus mainly on developing basketball fundamentals – such as dribbling, shooting and passing – through practice and then reinforcing these basic skills in non-competitive game play.

Our programs aim to achieve the following key goals:

DSC_01411. Promote the importance of quality physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The importance physical activity has on a child’s health is well established. Research has shown that fundamental movement skills and physical self-perceptions are closely intertwined with physical activity, fitness and body composition. We aim to emphasize these fundamental movement skills through fun drills and games.

2. Ensure every participant has fun while learning social interactive skills and basketball fundamentals in a positive environment.

By building a child’s movement skill ability, you’re building their confidence. To reach proficiency in any physical activity or sport, a child needs frequent encouragement, high quality instruction, opportunities to practice and enhance skills, and an appropriate learning environment. We offer all of these conditions.

3. Introduce a basketball skills program that encourages individual improvement, fosters the co-operative aspects of team play and promotes the ethics of fair play.

Our programs are focused on practice of fundamental movements, which help children develop strength, flexibility, agility and physical endurance. Children also have the opportunity to improve hand and foot speed, balance and coordination. However, there is just as much focus on the mental development as on the physical. Children are encouraged to focus on having fun, rather than on winning. They learn to work together as a team, play fairly, and encourage one another. 


4. Educate the players about the value of sport and its application to life skills.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of our little league and small ball programs is the opportunity for children to learn valuable life skills. Kids learn the value of practice, they develop social skills, they learn the importance of being a team player, and they also start to understand how to face certain fears or challenges.