25th Anniversary Season

Celebrating the History of the SBA

When the ball goes up this fall it will mark the start of the 25th season for Scarborough Basketball Association, no small feat for any sports organization.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s there were a number of basketball programs operating in the City of Scarborough mostly on a regional basis. Two of the more prominent basketball organizations were the Toronto Blues and the Galloway Lancers. Sam Moncada (one of the co-founders and the present-day Club President) had been seeking an umbrella under which disparate Scarborough organizations could be united.

The answer was the creation of the SBA in 1996, which was built through the hard work of many of its members.

“We have seen several changes throughout the 25 years some great people helped start and get the program off the ground — Bob Clement , Mervin Busby, Gord & Rose MacClain, Ivor and Lori Walker, Rob and Sue MacDonald, Jason Williams, Warren Williams to name a few,” Moncada said.

Now the Blues are multi-faceted organization, offering a variety of leagues, camps and development for every level of skill.

With over 30 rep and AAU teams and a membership of close to 1,500 boys and girls between the ages 4 and 19, the SBA has grown into a basketball influencer in the city of Toronto. The club also just announced the formation of boys’ and girls’ prep school programs that will begin this year.

“The program has grown and continues to be a leader in the basketball community,” Moncada said. “The key to success has been our community involvement and keeping the organization fun, enjoyable, transparent and always adapting to the needs of our participants.

To celebrate our 25th season, we will be checking in with members of the SBA Family by profiling former players, coaches and other club members.

There are interesting stories to tell as SBA alumni are playing basketball across the globe including the NBA and NCAA.

SBA Alumni