Tips for Being a Team Player

Many young players get caught up in their desire to be the shining star on their team; but when it comes to deciding who to put on the court, coaches are looking to reward hard work, dedication and team contribution.

SBA alumnus, Corey Joseph, is an excellent role model when it comes to being a team player. Heads turned when the first-round NBA pick asked to be re-assigned to the D-League to improve his game. The move was just another example of Corey’s devotion to boost his personal gameplay and contribute more to his team.

Below are some steps young players can take to become a team player just like Corey.

Put In the Effort

Focus on being your best every day. Work hard to develop your strengths so you can use your talents to contribute to your team’s visions and goals. Take your obligation to improve seriously, and your team will also improve.

Share Your Positive Energy

Research shows emotions are contagious. The energy you demonstrate on the court will rub off on your teammates – make sure it does so in a good way.

Build Relationships

“Relationships are the foundation upon which winning teams and organizations are built,” says Jon Gordon, author of Soup: A Recipe to Nourish Your Team and Culture. “Relationships build real motivation. It is much easier to motivate someone if you know them and they know you.”


Put the Team First

A great team player always puts his or her team first. They work hard for the team and develop their gameplay for the team. Rather than taking personal credit for successes, they give credit to the team.  

Be Humble

Show your team you are willing to learn and improve. Ask for feedback and suggestions from coaches and teammates. Whatever you do, don’t let your ego get in the way of your team’s growth.