U15 Team Matsugu Player Profiles

keyonte-team-matsuguKeyonte Adams

Class of 2024 prospect Keyonte Adams has started make noise as a go-to scoring athlete in his class.

Keyonte Adams started playing rep with the SBA 4 years ago. This fun and talented player now plays up with boys a year older with the SBA Blues U15 team coached by Brad Matsugu.

“I’ve had the privilege of seeing Keyonte grow since he began his rep basketball journey 4 years ago. Keyonte has come a long way and has worked extremely hard to get the level he is today. His dedication to improving his game has turned him into a scoring threat from anywhere on the court. Even playing with boys a year older, he’s able to compete at an extremely high level with his energy, athleticism and all-around game. I look forward to seeing what Keyonte will do next year on the high school stage.”
— U15 Blues Coach Brad Matsugu


Justin Chase

Class of 2023 prospect Justin Chase has burst out onto the high school scene as a high-flyer.

Justin Chase started playing with the SBA last year and had a very successful first season. This athletic and talented player now plays with the SBA Blues U15 team coached by Brad Matsugu.

“I’ve been impressed by Justin’s development and improvement in the short time since he started playing competitively. Being able to compete at the highest level in the province after only a year shows how much potential Justin has. Even after a very good year, he continued to put in the work and effort to become the top player in his class. Justin athletic ability allows him to soar over his opponents which opens up the rest of his offensive game. I’m excited to see what Justin has in store for us this year!”
— U15 Blues Coach Brad Matsugu