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team matsugu
Team photo from 2018-2019 season.


team matsuguteam matsuguteam matsuguteam matsugu
Bill Scratch
Jersey: #13
Kieran Dorival
Jersey: #3
Avery Francis-Campbell
Jersey: #12
Jaiden Cole
Jersey: #24
team matsuguteam matsuguteam matsuguteam matsugu
Amir Butler
Jersey: #14
Justin Chase
Jersey: #8
Jayden Thomas
Jersey: #2
Keyonte Adams
Jersey: #23
team matsugu
Max Voorpool
Jersey: #0

team matsugu


SBA is blessed to have so many great coaches.

Brad Matsugu who coaches the U15 Blues is one of them. Brad is helping to honour 13 year old Jay Kumar who passed away in 2014 from a Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, an extremely rare condition. The disease affects the brain stem and usually occurs in children aged five to 10. Even though Jay was not feeling 100%, he battled through the symptoms and travelled to Kingston, Ontario to support his teammates as they played in their season’s final tournament, the Ontario Cup.

Brad has been working with this tournament from the beginning and would appreciate any support you can give by participating, volunteering, donating or sharing the day to remember Jay.

Kumar Classic

team matsugu



Jaiden Coles stats for the Provincial weekend. 

Averaged per game: 30.6 Pts,
10.2 Rebounds & 3.9 Assists



KW Vipers: 35 pts
12 REB
3 A

North Toronto: 24 pts
11 REB
4 A

Monarchs: 36 pts
10 REB
5 A

Pelham (semi-final):
31 pts
3 A

DC United (gold medal game):
27 pts
12 REB
4 A


2018/2019 Games
Feb 15Breast Cancer TournamentEtobicoke Thunder Elmer99/33W
Feb 16Breast Cancer TournamentEtobicoke ThunderMcKay78/58W
Feb 17Breast Cancer TournamentNorth Toronto Huskies #1 Rodin41/55W
Feb 17Breast Cancer TournamentMississauga Monarchs Fowler58/60W
Mar 2KW Vipers67/60W
Mar 16DC United61/49W
Mar 30OBLXPelham Panthers – Hurley75/46W
Mar 30OBLXWildhawk Basketball63/65W
Mar 31OBLXIEM Newmarket59/71W
Mar 31OBLXNT Huskies – Rodin69/61W
Apr 6-7MUMBA TournamentBarrie Royals79/61W
Apr 6-7MUMBA TournamentMUMBA Elite Red64/82W
Apr 6-7MUMBA TournamentOttawa Shooting Stars63/71W
Apr 6-7MUMBA TournamentBarrie Royals80/87W
Apr 13OBLX in PelhamBurlington Force – Denley58/52W
Apr 13OBLX in PelhamPelham Panthers – Hurley56/72L
Apr 14OBLX in PelhamKW Vipers – Wicken59/50W
Apr 14OBLX in PelhamIEM Newmarket55/61W
May 24OBA ProvincialsKW Vipers72/69W
May 25OBA ProvincialsNorth Toronto74/37W
May 25OBA ProvincialsMississauga Monarchs79/59W
May 26OBA Provincials Semi FinalsPelham Panthers78/47W
May 26OBA Provincials FinalsDC United74/62W



Following a strong camp, Jaiden Cole had a phenomenal MADE Hoops Winter Circuit with UPLAY Canada (CAN), and the 6’4″ wing proved to be one of the most impressive scorers in the League. Along with that, he’s proven to be one of the emerging talents in Canada for his age group. [READ MORE]



Matsugo provincial champs

team matsugu

jaiden cole

team matsugu

Breast Cancer Tournament

team matsugu
Breast Cancer Tournament, Gold Medal Winners


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