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LtoR: Steve Alleyne, Ted Ferreira, both with President Sam Moncada

Volunteer Information
The SBA currently needs volunteers of all ages (high school students to adults) to help it to fulfill its commitment to the youth of Scarborough and surrounding neighbourhoods. Opportunities are available for coaching, assistant coaches, refereeing, scorekeeping, convening, Board Members, committee members, etc.

The Mission of the SBA is to provide a positive environment for all Scarborough and surrounding area youth, coaches and parents by promoting and developing the sport of basketball.

Although there is not a financial reward for volunteering, you will be helping the community to provide leadership and guidance for the youth. In addition, volunteering is an excellent way to meet new people and make friendships. It also provides an opportunity for being recognized in the community and providing new experiences.

Having said all of the above, what price can anyone put on the smile of a youngster who says, “Thank you, Coach” or the parent who says, “Thank you for all the fun that my son/daughter has had this year”.

Since volunteers play a critical role in the operation of the Scarborough Basketball Association (SBA) organization and its activities, our volunteers are expected to conduct their efforts in a manner that will allow the values and goals of the SBA to be achieved. Thus how a participant regards the SBA is often dependent on the leadership of the volunteer. A Code of Conduct has been developed to assist volunteers in achieving a level of behaviour which will allow SBA participants to become well-rounded, self confident and productive human beings.

It is recommended that everyone should read the following SBA Volunteering Guidelines and Policies.
SBA Guidelines: Download Guidelines for Volunteers

The Guideline for Volunteers Form must be signed and returned to the Club’s Board of Directors

All new volunteers prior to appointment with the Club must submit a “Police Record Check” with the Volunteer Application Form.

SBA Screening Programme: SBA Screening Policies

If you have any questions, please contact at your convenience:

Sam Moncada, President: email –  clubpresident@sbabasketball.ca

Policies – Screening
Scarborough Basketball Association (SBA) accepts its responsibility to children, young adults, parents, volunteers and staff involved in its programs and is committed to enduring adherence to the following policy to support the provision of sound, safe and healthy basketball experiences in its community.

Due to the positions of trust that are inherent in the provision of active, high quality sport activities, volunteers and employees shall be required to undergo a screening process based on the duties assigned by the Club.

This screening process will be comprised of a variety of measures and may include a Police Reference Check. All volunteers and employees will be required to participate in an orientation that will introduce duty assignments as well as relevant Club policies and expectations.

Criminal Reference Check
The SBA Constitution, Bylaws and Rules require certain positions within the Club to submit a Police Record Check prior to appointment with the Club.

The SBA Selection Committee will determine that Police Record Checks submitted were in order for all applicants for positions with the Club.

In the event of any irregularities on a Police Record Check the matter will be referred to the SBA’s President to resolve.
Following initial appointment to a position within the SBA, which requires a PRC, no additional PRC’s will be required as long as one serves with the Club without interruption.
Download Police Records Check Form

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