What a Great Season!

First and foremost, thanks to all the student athletes who came out every Wednesday night to train and practice, and every Saturday for games. Your commitment to the game, your coaches and your teammates was amazing. Watching your level of skill improve over the season was incredible.

Parents, what can we say? Without you there wouldn’t be an SBA Select basketball program. Thanks for all your support and the time investment that you have made in your son’s basketball training.



We had a fantastic Select 2018/19 season. Although we had some changes midway through our season, we stuck together as a basketball family to keep the program going strong. Thanks to Doris, who was an integral part of the SBA program from the start. Her contribution to youth sports cannot go without mention. She is a great leader who pioneered the Select program and took our athletes, coaches and staff to another level. Thank you Doris, you’re an awesome woman and greatly appreciated.


our expectations

In the first few months of this Select season (October – December), we worked hard in developing the player's basketball skills to prepare them for the more competitive times to come.  Athletes were required to practice hard on the fundamentals - passing, dribbling, shooting and finishing drills. Players in all age groups (U12, U14 and U16), showed great improvement in their basketball abilities. We slowly increased our expectations of the players over the months.  More advanced concepts were introduced, while never forgetting the fundamentals. Players practiced team building and game play scenarios during the Wednesday night training sessions and executed these concepts during games on Saturdays.


In the second half of our season, things started to get more competitive and exciting. There were times our emotions got the best of “us”… all of “us”! Whether it was a referee call that didn’t go our team’s way, or we were just having a bad day, we still managed to be competitive, respectful and have FUN. Players found confidence they didn’t know they had before they started the season. Players got better and some even emerged as leaders.


Our Select teams had the opportunity to take what they practiced in our Select environment and use these skills in our first “SBA Player Showcase”. Thanks to all the teams and coaches who participated. The players had the opportunity to compete against SBA Blues REP teams and had the bonus of having REP coaches critique their playing abilities, all in an effort to make them better. Some players who showed that "next level" basketball understanding, were selected to practice with various REP teams. For those who did not get selected don't worry. The REP team might not have needed your talents at that moment. Please keep pushing for basketball greatness.

family fun

This season we also had a great Family Fun Day. Thank you to all the parents that participated in our Family Fun Day - you've still got it!

We ended the season with our Select basketball championships. Congratulations to all the winning teams and coaches… you know who you are. We applaud your participation, your willingness to listen, and follow instructions, and your efforts to be great teammates. Congratulations to all those who won awards at our Select awards ceremony. Keep up the good work.



We have a a few special Thanks: Sam Moncada, President of the SBA, Emmanual Bonney, Director and of course our amazing Coaches: Davieon, Isaac, Isaiah and Ryan. We can't forget our score keepers; Kamal, Romeo, Alessandro and Musa - you guys were great. And to all the Refs, thank you.

For those of you moving on to play REP, we wish you the best of luck. It was our pleasure working with you. For those of you who will be returning in the upcoming 2019/20 season, we can’t wait see you in October.

Thanks again to all who were involved in making SBA Select 2018/19 a successful season!

Well done!
Have a safe and fun filled summer. See you in the fall.

Please keep basketball and any other physical activity, a part of your life;

“Health is strength and strength is life”

Registration for the fall season will be open for the end of July.