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Yoga is for everyone, Basketball players included.

Yoga program is located at Sir Oliver Mowat CI, 5400 Lawrence Avenue East, Scarborough (map)
Thursday November 8th – Thursday November 29th – 3 weeks only.

Instructor Sam Moncada – Basketball Coach, Yoga instructor, President SBA


Yoga Programs
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm Co-ed 10 – 18 years old $49.00 Register Now


Yoga works on building flexibility, balance, agility, endurance and strength. Every basketball player will benefit by adding yoga to their training regimen.

Yoga helps strengthen all of the little stabilizing muscles that players tend to miss in other physical workouts and are vital in protecting your joints and spine.

Strength • Flexibility • Balance • Endurance • Core • Recovery

Practicing yoga increases flexibility and ease of movement, therefore increasing range of motion.

Yoga improves overall balance in everything you do and can prevent falls and injury. Yoga also helps you learn how to pace yourself: slow and steady, in it for the long haul.

Almost everything you do in yoga works on your core strength. Strong core equals a healthy body.

Yoga also helps put athletes back together after injuries. Most importantly, yoga changes the way you think and approach everything in life: When you learn to move with ease and stop forcing things, you will prevent injuries and your body will open with your mind, increasing your flexibility all around.


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